Friday | Lunch

bob cat bobbies detroit.jpeg

Bobcat Bonnieโ€™s

Deal: $11 Salmon Lunch
Time: 11AM - 3:30PM
Where: 1800 Michigan Ave

Description: Friday $11 lunch special.

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tony v's detroit.jpeg

Tony Vโ€™s Tavern

Deal: $7.99 Lunch Specials
Time: 11AM - 3PM
Where: 5756 Cass Ave

Description: $7.99 fish & chips, wings, or sliders daily for lunch. $5 beer flights as well.

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Rocco's Italian Deli

Deal: $8 + $9 Famous Sandwiches
Time: 10AM - 11PM
Where: 3627 Cass Ave

Description: $9 Famous Il Rocco, $9 The Much Beloved Sauseetz, $8 Better than Fried Bologna.

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Harbor House

Deal: $7.99 Lunch Specials
Time: 11AM - 4PM
Where: 440 Clinton St

Description: $7.99 catfish and fish & chips, chicken strips, butterfly shrimp.

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Bucharest Grill

Deal: $5.50 Shawarmas
Time: 10AM - 11PM
Where: 1623 Michigan Ave

Description: $5.50 shawarmas all day.

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Town Pump tavern detroit.jpg

The Town Pump Tavern

Deal: Pizza or Burger + Pitcher ($12 & $8)
Time: 11AM - 2PM
Where: 100 W Montcalm St

Description: Pizza & pitcher of beer for $12. Burger & pitcher of beer for $8.

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nathans deli detroit.jpg

Nathanโ€™s Deli

Deal: $10.95 Soup & Sandwich
Time: 8AM - 4PM
Where: 581 E Jefferson Ave

Description: Choice of any soup and sandwich combo deal for $10.95.

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Johnny Noodle King

Deal: $12 Bowl of The Day ๐Ÿœ
Time: 11AM - 12AM
Where: 2601 W Fort St

Description: $12 Bowl of The Day & $4 Bun special.

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athens souvlaki-min.png

Athens Souvlaki

Deal: $9.30 Gyro Deal
Time: 11AM - 8PM
Where: 645 Griswold St

Description: Gyro sandwich with greek salad for $9.30 and soup and salad for $7.35.

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Pani sandwiich.jpg

Mac 'n Cheez!

Deal: $6.99 Soup or Chili & Salad
Time: 10:30AM - 6PM
Where: 200 Renaissance Center

Description: $6.99 Little Bite Deal: soup or chili and salad. $8.49 Fab 2 Deal: choose two, or $10.50 Fab 3 Deal: choose three between classic mini mac, soup, salad, or chili.

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ham shop detroit.jpeg

The Ham Shop

Deal: Sandwiches from $4 & $2.50 Coneys
Time: 11AM - 4PM
Where: 330 Monroe St

Description: Coney dogs range from $1.50 to $2.50. Variety of sandwiches ranging from $4.00 to $5.95 including but not limited to BLT, ham, turkey, grilled chicken, reuben, turkey bacon club, chicken Philly, Philly steak, gyro, and more.

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russel street deli detroit.jpg

Russell Street Deli

Deal: $9.50 Soup & Sandwich Special
Time: 11AM - 3PM
Where: 2465 Russell St

Description: Daily soup and sandwich special for $9.50. Daily special can be found here.

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Go Sy Thai detroit.jpg

Go Sy Thai

Deal: $10 Lunch Box Special
Time: 11AM - 4PM
Where: 4240 Cass Ave

Description: Lunch box includes 1 large plate, 1 drink, and 1 spring roll.

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Louies lounge detroit.jpg

Downtown Louie's Lounge

Deal: Pick 2 for $9
Time: 11AM to 4PM
Where: 30 Clifford St

Description: Pick 2 for $9. Pick between a half sandwich, soup, or 1/2 salad.

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Eat-N-Out Pizza & Gelato

Deal: $7.99 Pizza & Drink Deal ๐Ÿ•
Time: 11AM - 2PM
Where: 531 Monroe Ave

Description: 2 New York style slices, fountain drink OR 1 New York style slice, side salad, and fountain drink.

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Duly's Place

Deal: $1.95 Coneys
Time: All Day
Where: 5458 W Vernor Hwy

Description: $1.95 Coneys. $4.75 breakfast specials served all day. And $5.95 pita deal.

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Green Dot.jpg

Green Dot Stables

Deal: $3 Sliders, $2 Fries, $2 Beers
Time: 11AM - 1AM
Where: 2200 W Lafayette Blvd

Description: Sliders and fries deal. Also, $2 beer and $3 cocktails.

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Hot Taco Detroit

Deal: 3 Tacos For $6
Time: 11AM - 2AM
Where: 2233 Park Ave

Description: Taco Special.

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