Thursday | Breakfast


Honest John’s

Deal: $3.95 Breakfast Sandwich
Time: 7AM - 11AM
Where: 488 Selden St

Description: Breakfast Sandwich for only $3.95.

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Dime Store

Deal: Daily Chef Specials
Time: 8AM - 4PM
Where: 719 Griswold St

Description: $11.66 caramel apple french toast, $12.72 General Tso Benny, $13.78 seasonal veggy hash & Fuego de la Cabra hash.

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Avalon Cafe and Bakery

Deal: Monthly Bakery Specials
Time: 7AM - 10PM
Where: 1049 Woodward Ave

Description: $4.99 Monthly specials on bread, $6.99 for 8 packs of cookies, muffins, pies and more. To see this months bakery specials please check here.

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The Ham Shop

Deal: $3.80 Breakfast Sandwiches
Time: 6AM - 4PM
Where: 330 Monroe St

Description: $3.80 breakfast sandwiches including ham with egg, bacon with egg, sausage with egg, turkey sausage with egg. Also, $5.30 breakfast special includes: two eggs (any style) with your choice of ham, bacon, sausage, served with your choice of potatoes or grits and a slice of toast!

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Sister Pie

Deal: $3 Scones
Time: 8AM - 12PM
Where: 8066 Kercheval Ave

Description: $3 special scone deal.

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Midtown Zef’s

Deal: Breakfast Under $7
Time: 7AM - 11AM
Where: 4160 Woodward Ave

Description: $4.89 for 2 eggs and meat, $5.99 for 3 eggs, 2 pancakes or French toast, 2 sausage, $6.89 for 3 eggs, 2 bacon, 2 sausages, ham slice hash brown.

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Roses Fine Food

Deal: Early Bird $5 Special
Time: 8AM - 9AM
Where: 10551 E Jefferson Ave

Description: Two eggs and toast or side of pancakes for $5.

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Nathan’s Deli

Deal: $10.95 Sandwich & Soup Combo
Time: 8AM - 4PM
Where: 581 E Jefferson Ave

Description: Choice of any soup and sandwich combo deal for $10.95.

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La Pecora Nera

Deal: Breakfast Sandwich Special
Time: 7AM - 11AM
Where: 1514 Washington Blvd

Description: $5 Veggie and $5.50 Detroiter breakfast sandwich specials daily.

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Gateway Deli Cafe

Deal: $8-$11Breakfast Specials
Time: 7AM - 4PM
Where: 333 W Fort St

Description: $8 and $11 breakfast specials.

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